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Stocker Cattle—Our program features steers and heifers sired by our champion bulls, out of our very productive commercial Red Angus and Black Angus cows. Advantages of purchasing cattle from our stocker program include:


--No receiving expense, no health problems. These home-raised cattle are weaned and healthy, and have been vaccinated and dewormed. You don’t need to do anything to them; just open the gate and let them gain.

--The right type for grassfed production. Thicker, wider, moderate-framed cattle that will finish on grass. The steers will make excellent beef, the heifers will make great replacements or finish faster for beef.

--These cattle are gentle and docile by nature, and by the way we treat them. If we see an attitude problem we eliminate it from the program early. You won’t get a crazy one from EVB.

--Trained to single-strand polywire and frequent paddock shifts from birth.

--Our grassfed protocols include no grain, no synthetic hormones, no feed-grade antibiotics.



Call or email Guille Yearwood for more details, prices and availability

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