Red Devon Bulls: RED DUDE

Our sior herd sire and foundation bull, Red Dude (Roffey Dude Q14) is a son of Rotokawa 688, arguably the best bull in the Devon breed. The Rotokawa herd was selected for over 70 years for production on grass, a trait that Red Dude passes on to his progeny. His sons are masculine and heavy-muscled, his daughters wide-hipped and feminine with lots of capacity. Halfblood steers by Red Dude out of our Red Angus commercial cows finish on grass at 15-20 months weighing 950-1150 pounds.

Red Dude is a Frame 2 bull weighing 1845 lbs. as a five-year old. He is broad-shouldered, deep-chested, heavily muscled and very wide across his back. His hindquarter is exceptional, and his feet and legs are very correct. He sires stylish pure Red Devon calves and thick, chunky halfbloods. If you want to reduce frame size Red Dude is a great choice.

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"2013 National Grand Champion Herd Sire"



Rotokawa 375 "Revolution" has already established himself as the premier sire at Roffey Cattle Co. and Ellett Valley Beef. His natural service and ET calves are on the ground now and we are exceedingly pleased with their phenotypical quality as well as their vigor and growth impulse. We believe that Revolution is one of the thickest, widest, and deepest Devon bulls available.

Revolution is an especially mild-mannered bull that can be led at halter by a child. But when it's time for business he's very serious and ffective; he settles cows fast and in large numbers.

Join the revolution--Revolution semen is now available in increments of 10. Let us know if you'd like to view our Revolution calves.

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